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Michele Bernreuter

Currently working at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan as a manager of the diabetes education program.


Michele grew up in nearby small town called Flushing in Michigan. As a child, she would visit downtown Flint many times. She says she remembers taking a bus from a fraternity house on Flushing Rd to go shopping and see all the window displays during Christmas season. She attended Michigan State University and studied dietetics. She also received a masters degree at Saginaw Valley State University in health leadership, and these two degrees led her to her current work at the Hurley Medical Center. She has worked in the past as a diabetes educator in many different healthcare centers, and these previous commitments led her to actively participate in community health events, health fairs, and church events that led her to working at the Hurley Medical Center. She currently manages the diabetes program here and primarily works with patients on how to manage diabetes. Her work is empowering to the community as there is a high rate of diabetes in the Genesee County.

Contributions to STYH

Michele worked as a co chair for STYH for around 10 years. She helped develop questions for the survey, worked to get the survey out to the community, and helped get responses back so that health policies could be created. Even after the results of the survey was collected, she worked to share results and health awareness with the community and made sure the survey results were used to write grants and develop other health-related programs to increase general well-being in the county.

Future Hopes 

Michele hopes to continue educating people about diabetes and make a positive impact in her community. She also hopes to make Genesee county a healthier place to live where everyone has places to exercise and has access to healthy food.

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