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Tricia Piechowski

Currently works at the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research.


Tricia is from the Windy City Chicago. She grew up experiencing segregation in the city by race, ethnicity, and class. Her neighborhood was mostly white and middle class, but her high school experience was more diverse. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology and Art History with a certificate on African Studies. She studied abroad in Egypt for a year after graduation, and also worked in the marketing industry, but decided to return to UCLA and got a Masters degree in African Studies focusing on Public Health. She received fellowships and funding to conduct research in Tanzania for community health, returned home, and decided to get a Masters in Public Health and Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan. While doing research on oral health disparities at the University, she was hired by the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research. Her current work is to build partnership between community organizations and academic institutes to identify health priorities and improve health outcomes. She provides funding and infrastructure for these partners to do research together.

Involvement in STYH

Tricia has known about the STYH survey for about a decade. Her role was crucial to the survey project. She helped as a funding officer, working with the program managers on funding application and making sure it was being funded internally by the University. She also contributed ways on disseminating the survey and its results so that more funding could be acquired for the research.

Future hopes

Tricia hopes that Flint and Genesee County in Michigan gets out of the Flint Water Crisis in the best way possible, especially because people still do not have access to clean water. She also hopes that the health disparities created by COVID -19 is relieved as soon as possible, and to reduce racism in all communities.  Also regarding COVID-19, Tricia hopes that all communities have equal access to the vaccine. Finally, she hopes to travel freely again!

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