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E. Hill Deloney

Currently the Director of Flint Odyssey House Health Awareness Center

Previous Education : 

E. Hill Deloney obtained a Masters Degree in Guidance Counseling and Psychology.

Her involvement in the community :

She uses her expertise to impact health areas such as adolescent health, family relationships, health disparities, infant mortality, and youth violence prevention. She has also done works for social justice for the African American Community including supporting the under-represented and the under-privileged.

Organizations she worked with :

  • Chair and President of Community Based Public Health Caucus

  • Working in the National Community Based Organization Network

  • Working in the American Public Health Association (APHA)

  • President of the Flint Chapter of the NAACP

  • Executive Director of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW)

Her current works :

She is working to understand how “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder” is affecting individuals in health and social aspects, and making a healthier environment for these individuals dealing with PTSD.

Future Hopes :

She hopes to help create a healthier environment through working at the Health Awareness Center to help communities to work for preserving a healthier environment.

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