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Athena McKay

Flint Connector at Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research


  • Native of Flint, Michigan (Genesee County)

  • Entered the workforce at 10, and worked at her grandfather’s landscaping business

  • Acquired a degree at the Detroit College of Business on computer information systems and business management

  • Acquired a Masters degree in Scientific Administration at Central Michigan University

Previous Works

  • Formed her own company called Greater Links Enterprises, Inc. Company provided business consulting.

  • Released a book titled “What I Require” based on her religious faith

  • Worked at the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center as a Program Manager

  • Previously published papers related to health in Flint area, such as the Flint Water Crisis, community activism, public perception on mental health, and much more

Current Works

  • She is a Flint Connector for the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

  • Also currently an Executive Director of Flint Innovative Solutions

  • Flint Innovative Solutions is a non-profit organization working to increase the well-being of the Flint community in various different ways such as improvement in tech

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