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Lydia Starrs

Currently working as Program Officer of the Community Foundation of Great Flint. 


Lydia was born and raised in Michigan, and with all of her extended family living in Genesee county, she was very familiar with the area growing up. She previously worked for an organization that received federal funding that supports vulnerable populations, particularly around enabling services. Lydia encountered an opening position at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint that aligned with her current job, and she found it interesting. At first, it was a challenge for her to get a hold of the grant maker job because she’s worked on the grant receiving part of such community organizations. She also said it took effort in being a semi-expert in health services since so many of the organizations the Community Foundation of Greater Flint funds is in the health field. Lydia’s now worked at the foundation for 5 years and feels that it’s a huge accomplishment to stay in this part of the work. 

Contributions to STYH

Lydia is Program Officer of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and was part of the team that made the decision to fund the Speak to Your Health! Community Survey for several rounds. She believes it’s an important research area; it's a resource for the research department as well as community partners to provide them with data for health resources. Lydia is also very focused on equity, which was another reason for her support in the funding of the project. 

Future Plans & Hopes

Lydia plans on continuing to work for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. She looks forward to different opportunities, including work about COVID-19. She also wants to focus on working to build a more equitable community, especially with two children of her own. 

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